I am a photographer, videographer and graphic artist based in Weimar

Now I have been doing this job for almost 25 years and have never lost my love and passion for it. On the contrary. Maybe I belong to those who do not understand their job as a job at all but define it as a life.

I remember it pretty well. I had my first contact with photography when I was 4 years old. My grandfather photographed with passion and even had his own darkroom. I was allowed to carry and sometimes use his valuable cameras very early. He explained to me that the technology alone was unimportant. It's the look that counts and it's the soul of a person or object that needs to be recognized.

I am still grateful to him for this guiding principle today, because that is what it really means. Building a relationship. Observe, feel and understand. It is precisely these qualities that I carry within me and pass on to my clients. Trust and understanding. Then everything will be fine.

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